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How does the free trial?

In this period you can use the system at no cost. If you no longer want to use after the end of the period, nothing will be charged.

Can I test invoice issue for free trial period?

Yes, provided that the condition of the issuer does not require the release by software house.

Do I need to sign??

Not! In the Beija-Flor ERP you pay and have the right to use the system for one month. If you no longer want to use, you just do not have to pay the following month.

How to choose my plan?

During your test period you will have the managerial plan as soon as you finish your test time you will be redirected to a screen where you will choose the plan you want.

Restaurant module?

This module is an additional tool that controls tables and deliveries via SmartPhone or Tablet. Has the promotional cost of R $ 25.00 added to the value of the chosen plan.

How many days does the free trial last?

At first moment your test period will be 7 days. When there is confirmation of e-mail there will be an additional eight days, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of this system for longer.